Class Assignment: Press Release




March 28, 2017

New restaurant opens its doors to a college centered community

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – Burgers Grilled Right (BGR) will be offering free french fries every Friday in April to Seton Hall University (SHU) students who present their student ID’s when visiting and purchasing a hamburger at the BGR location in South Orange, NJ.

Student Fry-Days will be the restaurant’s first event since opening in December of 2016. Working together with SHU administration, BGR seeks to recognize the strength of the University student community and its role in unifying the relationship between the students and South Orange neighborhood. Since opening, BGR has not only brought the student community together to celebrate their school pride, but given students a diverse range of food that has been lacking in South Orange. With only one other burger place, students now have an option to choose where they feel closest to SHU.

Matthew McCullum, general manager of BGR in South Orange, has taken on a primary role of bringing this partnership into fruition. “Since before opening up our doors in December we knew that the key to the heart of this town was through the students,” said McCullum. “We love having them and we wanted to them to enjoy their Friday nights out with some golden crisp fries. Seton Hall and its students have been a part of South Orange’s for a long time and we hope to as well.”

BGR will hold an opening event on April 7th. This promotion will apply to any burger purchased from the menu. More information regarding the event and the Student Fry-Days please visit or visit us in person on South Orange Avenue.

About Burgers Grilled Right: Burgers Grilled Right is a restaurant operating since 2008, focused on hand-crafting signature burgers, cooked to order and fresh for customers looking for that perfectly grilled burger. With locations all around the United States, BGR has won various Best Burger and Best Fries awards. South Orange is the first New Jersey location for BGR, as they hope to expand franchises to other town and cities in New Jersey. For more information on events and promotions follow BGR Instagram, page at

Contact Information
Nicholas Mariano
Burgers Grilled Right PR Assistant, East Coast
Phone: 862-341-9849
Twitter: @nicholasmarian0


Social Media Element Instagram Page:

As part of the campaign, I would have Burgers Grilled Right create an Instagram page in order to promote and spread the word among the community. The pictures used were not my own and are taken from’s coverage of the restaurant.

I think for ideas of possible things that can be done for the social media release would be making a video for YouTube and Facebook showcasing the cooking done in the restaurant and incorporating the Pirate into the video coming into the store to get his order of free fries.


How PokemonGo became PokemonNo.

The two members of team #PokemonNoMore are: Olivia Lason and Nicholas Mariano.

The topic we choose was the mobile game sensation, PokemonGo, and how “trainers” around the world hardly sign in since its initial popularity. We believe that the topic is timely since PokemonGo has recently released an update that adds a selection of new Pokemon to catch (something the community have been asking for since its release). Since the craze was prominent on campus during the Summer, we thought it would be interesting to see where students stand on the game.

The questions that were asked:
1.) Have you ever played PokemonGo?
2.) How do you think the platform could be better? What did you like about the platform?
3.) Why do you think it’s lost a lot of its appeal?

We selected these questions because they encompass where students stand on the issue. The first questions establishes whether or not they’ve ever played the game. The second shows how invested they were. Depending on their answer for this question the feedback could be fully elaborate on the player’s personal feelings. And the third question addresses whether or not they are still a part of this community and provides feedback to why the mobile game has struggled.

The hashtag that we used for our Live tweets was #PokemonGo. By directly linking our posts to the games tweet feed, players are allowed this exclusive avenue back to the game. The interest in the hashtag translates into reigniting interest in going out to play again.

College campuses are not new to social trends. If anything often times they encase them in a bubble and allow for it to go out of control. Seton Hall University was witness to this last Summer when PokemonGo was released. This craze managed to have students glued to the screens of their phones, swiping their fingers up to catch Pokemon. But the change over the course of a few months is drastic.

Students across Seton Hall agree that PokemonGo’s glory days are long behind them. With their first major update in months just released, the lack of features and expansion has seen students and frequent seasonal players leave in drones from the gaming platform. But with Niantic’s attempt to bring back all these users comes a sense of the game’s lifespan wearing thin.

“The game went on for a while without [Niantic] really adding new Pokemon or updating the game in any major way,” said Daniel, a Sophomore at Seton Hall University. “I know they recent have [added new Pokemon] which is why people have gotten back into it, but there was just a long gap between adding new things.”

The game’s main appeal to users was the idea of being able to get out of the house in order to catch the Pokemon.

“I liked how you had to travel to really catch the Pokemon,” said David, a junior on campus. “It kind of made it seem like the ‘gotta catch them all’ aspect of it was there.”

Along with the craze where various concerns involving safety. Many incidents were reporting of players getting hurt due to the game being a distraction. These incidents did prompt Niantic to include safety warnings within the game itself in order to warn users of the potential risks associated with the game.

“I feel they should [have] provided the health risks that are attacthed to [playing the game],” said freshman Shamika.

PokemonGo still maintains a large audience with its devoted community of users. But Niantic will surely be aiming to bring back the millions of users that downloaded the app during the summer. They can only hope that the recent update adding new Pokemon into the fray is enough to catch all those users.


Mobile Reporting: How you can to

With the integration of the internet into our daily lives over the course of the last two decades, journalists have had to adapt to an ever changing and ready news stream. Mobile reporting is just that. Journalists (most) have taken the challenge of using smartphones to produce their stories and work. Mobile reporting is reporting that is being done by journalists mostly on their phones, if not at all the time. There are sub-divisions of mobile reporting, consisting of the one journalists who spends every second of his job traveling from place to place, covering stories, editing them, and publishing all throughout various regions in a day. Mobile reporting lends itself to those journalists that don’t want to wait at their desk all day waiting for a story to find its way to them.

When news reporting of not to long ago focused on breaking news coverage, mobile reporting has taken that phrase and enhanced it to beyond belief. Not only is it breaking news, it is immediate news. People are constantly wanting and demanding the latest about what is going on around them, so journalists go out searching for any story. Breaking news that would only be seen the next morning is now live tweeted about as the action unfolds.

To be able to cover something from anywhere is possible thanks to smartphones. And unless you truly want to carry all the equipment you would need for reporting a regular story, mobile reporting only truly calls for a smartphone. A phone has the capabilities to record a video or take photos. You can also write out your stories all through an app or in memos. This one device replaces having to carry around a laptop, camera, tripod, phone, etc.

This convenience has made it easier for everyday citizens to also serve as journalists for news agency through crowd-sourcing. Professional news agencies utilize mobile reporting done by people and either use footage that was recorded or stories in their entirety. CNN specifically does a good job of this through their iReport app, where users report on the things that are happening around them almost entirely on their phones.

Although writing the perfect story is still possible when you lug around a tons worth of equipment, the simplicity of having a front page story in the palm of your hand is still something worth wrapping your head around.

#SHUTransition: How a hashtag can tarnish a legacy

#SHUTransition was the hashtag that guided our conversation over the weekend, but it can easily be seen as a means to drive communication throughout the whole campus. Using Twitter Chat opens up a new door for a community, whether as small as our class or as large as our student body, to discuss a certain issue. Being able to talk about Dr. Esteban’s departure among ourselves allowed to see where everyone stood on the situation. Seton Hall decided to limit where the news of the transition was seen, but if they had used the resources they had available to them, like Twitter and chat, they could have done a far better job of not only announcing his departure but also dealing with the backlash

Tweets posted during the chat:

Two favorite tweets from the chat:

Brittany identified the simplest action Seton Hall could have taken in order to address the transition. Having Dr. Esteban personally answer community questions from the Twitter directly would have in a lot of ways defused the backlash. Brittany is undeniably correct in saying that not only would Dr. Esteban seem more personable, but so would the university.

Marianne’s tweets plays well off of Brittany’s as well. The lack of transparency on any front was disappointing. As students one of the first things we think about the situation is that this news must have been known by many within the administration. So with time and preparation on their side why did Seton Hall present the news as if they had no knowledge of it? The roll out was done in an inefficient manner. And I think that along with the delay when compared to DePaul is what really angered the community.

The Headphone Hub

The blog focuses on higher end products and seems simpler than the others. I picked it because of how easily it is to navigate and find what you need to.

I choose this blog because of how organized the presented the content. The content on the blog itself also covers a wide spectrum of readers.

This blog also presents its content in an well organized fashioned. I think this one specifically tends to focus on average consumers.



University of Blogging: A Proposal for President Esteban

There are always larger spheres outside of the ones we tend to live in. The same goes for the blogging sphere. As more and more individuals and organizations implement blogs into their communication with their readers and customers, the need of the blog becomes more prominent. Seton Hall University professors are highly credited in their own respective fields. However, when promoting their achievements, the university does so through the Seton Hall’s Twitter. Through Twitter, people only get a faceless, impersonal, and ambiguous interaction. Which is why the blog can serve as a means for President Esteban to not only bridge the gap with students, parents, and the surrounding community but also use the blog to propel professors upwards. A university president blog shares similarities to a blog run by a president of an organization. Both blogs put the heads of organizations at the forefront in terms of communication in order to “help you build trust among your audience,” and for President Esteban that also means being able to “display the best aspects” of Seton Hall. Those best aspects being the professors at Seton Hall.

In using the blog, there would be three things that President Esteban would have to do in order for it not only to be considered a blog. but also be a successful blog. The first is the blog has to be updated frequently that displays posts in reverse chronological order. The next characteristic is that each post must contain a headline and a body. Within these posts it is necessary for links to other related news or information to be embedded. And finally blogs need to have link that allows for readers to comment on what the blogger is writing about. It is out of the third characteristic that a blog gets its definition. Blogs are the easiest way to allow a constant flow of back and forth communication. Readers would have direct access to President Esteban and any answer or post he would write would be done unfiltered. This would take away from the censored view people have of the university and turn it into an “image of a business as being composed of real people,” allowing the president “to come alive in [his] posts.”

They have become good public relations tools because of the personalized aspect that they offer. President Esteban becomes the direct link to the university itself. And in this role he has the ability to showcase the professors at the university to his audience that trusts him and respects his honestly through his posts. If the trust he has gained through the blog can carry over to the professors then the chances of them being respected and  be “called upon for news interviews, in each of the mainstream media.” 

The audience coming to this blog would vary tremendously as well. Students, parents, professors themselves, and reporters would all serve as the presidents audience. He would not only become a voice for the university but also the professors who teach here. Through his posts he would instill the sense of transparency and honesty that would have gained him his audience onto his reporting of professors and their achievements. Not only would he draw attention to the good the college is doing through its professors, but his role as a leader would be cemented as he goes out of his way in order to have to communication with whoever, rather than waiting for them to come looking for an answer only to be met with someone answering back on Twitter.

Examples of other university president blogs:

Video on creating a blog:



Twitter Scavenger Hunt at Seton Hall

Hello all. Olivia and I were partners for the Twitter Scavenger Hunt. Below is a summary of our experience.

Twitter Scavenger Hunt Reflection:
As Communications majors, Fahy is one of the only buildings we’ll probably step foot in on a given day. But what we loved about this assignment is that it forced us into a larger world, even if it meant getting lost in McNulty Hall looking for the elevator back down.

Olivia and I think that with social media growing to the size it is today it is easy to lose sight of everything that is happening off of the internet. As future journalists or PR practitioners we need to use social media in order to do our jobs in a more efficient way. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to walk around for hours looking for the right quote, people, or pictures. One of the challenges we faced was finding the right moment for our tweets. Of course we could have asked anyone within a three foot radius to answer questions, but we knew that we had to push ourselves to get out of our comfort zones and find the right people.

Overall, the assignment was engaging in every way possible. We loved talking to people and hearing what they thought about social media or about what is happening around our campus. It was awesome stumbling upon President Esteban and being able to have a conversation with him as students. Even though I got lost, exploring McNulty Hall was breathtaking. And being avid lovers of South Orange, Olivia and I couldn’t be more than happy going to the Village Trattoria for some delicious slices. And we hope we’ll still graduate in time after rubbing the boot in time after stepping on the seal. We learned a lot and we really loved that we were able to showcase the world beyond Fahy.

Our tweets:
Below is an embedded display of our tweets showcasing our scavenger hunt through the campus of Seton Hall and of South Orange.

Our reply to another group:
Below is one of the replies I made to Marianne’s tweet about Seton Hall’s Immaculate Conception Chapel.

Our favorite tweets from another group:
Below are five of the tweets that we either found aesthetically pleasing or interesting.

Extra Credit Video:
For our extra credit video we did a time-lapse of what you should do when you step on the seal.