Class Assignment: Press Release




March 28, 2017

New restaurant opens its doors to a college centered community

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – Burgers Grilled Right (BGR) will be offering free french fries every Friday in April to Seton Hall University (SHU) students who present their student ID’s when visiting and purchasing a hamburger at the BGR location in South Orange, NJ.

Student Fry-Days will be the restaurant’s first event since opening in December of 2016. Working together with SHU administration, BGR seeks to recognize the strength of the University student community and its role in unifying the relationship between the students and South Orange neighborhood. Since opening, BGR has not only brought the student community together to celebrate their school pride, but given students a diverse range of food that has been lacking in South Orange. With only one other burger place, students now have an option to choose where they feel closest to SHU.

Matthew McCullum, general manager of BGR in South Orange, has taken on a primary role of bringing this partnership into fruition. “Since before opening up our doors in December we knew that the key to the heart of this town was through the students,” said McCullum. “We love having them and we wanted to them to enjoy their Friday nights out with some golden crisp fries. Seton Hall and its students have been a part of South Orange’s for a long time and we hope to as well.”

BGR will hold an opening event on April 7th. This promotion will apply to any burger purchased from the menu. More information regarding the event and the Student Fry-Days please visit or visit us in person on South Orange Avenue.

About Burgers Grilled Right: Burgers Grilled Right is a restaurant operating since 2008, focused on hand-crafting signature burgers, cooked to order and fresh for customers looking for that perfectly grilled burger. With locations all around the United States, BGR has won various Best Burger and Best Fries awards. South Orange is the first New Jersey location for BGR, as they hope to expand franchises to other town and cities in New Jersey. For more information on events and promotions follow BGR Instagram, page at

Contact Information
Nicholas Mariano
Burgers Grilled Right PR Assistant, East Coast
Phone: 862-341-9849
Twitter: @nicholasmarian0


Social Media Element Instagram Page:

As part of the campaign, I would have Burgers Grilled Right create an Instagram page in order to promote and spread the word among the community. The pictures used were not my own and are taken from’s coverage of the restaurant.

I think for ideas of possible things that can be done for the social media release would be making a video for YouTube and Facebook showcasing the cooking done in the restaurant and incorporating the Pirate into the video coming into the store to get his order of free fries.


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