Mobile Reporting: How you can to

With the integration of the internet into our daily lives over the course of the last two decades, journalists have had to adapt to an ever changing and ready news stream. Mobile reporting is just that. Journalists (most) have taken the challenge of using smartphones to produce their stories and work. Mobile reporting is reporting that is being done by journalists mostly on their phones, if not at all the time. There are sub-divisions of mobile reporting, consisting of the one journalists who spends every second of his job traveling from place to place, covering stories, editing them, and publishing all throughout various regions in a day. Mobile reporting lends itself to those journalists that don’t want to wait at their desk all day waiting for a story to find its way to them.

When news reporting of not to long ago focused on breaking news coverage, mobile reporting has taken that phrase and enhanced it to beyond belief. Not only is it breaking news, it is immediate news. People are constantly wanting and demanding the latest about what is going on around them, so journalists go out searching for any story. Breaking news that would only be seen the next morning is now live tweeted about as the action unfolds.

To be able to cover something from anywhere is possible thanks to smartphones. And unless you truly want to carry all the equipment you would need for reporting a regular story, mobile reporting only truly calls for a smartphone. A phone has the capabilities to record a video or take photos. You can also write out your stories all through an app or in memos. This one device replaces having to carry around a laptop, camera, tripod, phone, etc.

This convenience has made it easier for everyday citizens to also serve as journalists for news agency through crowd-sourcing. Professional news agencies utilize mobile reporting done by people and either use footage that was recorded or stories in their entirety. CNN specifically does a good job of this through their iReport app, where users report on the things that are happening around them almost entirely on their phones.

Although writing the perfect story is still possible when you lug around a tons worth of equipment, the simplicity of having a front page story in the palm of your hand is still something worth wrapping your head around.


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