#SHUTransition: How a hashtag can tarnish a legacy

#SHUTransition was the hashtag that guided our conversation over the weekend, but it can easily be seen as a means to drive communication throughout the whole campus. Using Twitter Chat opens up a new door for a community, whether as small as our class or as large as our student body, to discuss a certain issue. Being able to talk about Dr. Esteban’s departure among ourselves allowed to see where everyone stood on the situation. Seton Hall decided to limit where the news of the transition was seen, but if they had used the resources they had available to them, like Twitter and chat, they could have done a far better job of not only announcing his departure but also dealing with the backlash

Tweets posted during the chat:

Two favorite tweets from the chat:

Brittany identified the simplest action Seton Hall could have taken in order to address the transition. Having Dr. Esteban personally answer community questions from the Twitter directly would have in a lot of ways defused the backlash. Brittany is undeniably correct in saying that not only would Dr. Esteban seem more personable, but so would the university.

Marianne’s tweets plays well off of Brittany’s as well. The lack of transparency on any front was disappointing. As students one of the first things we think about the situation is that this news must have been known by many within the administration. So with time and preparation on their side why did Seton Hall present the news as if they had no knowledge of it? The roll out was done in an inefficient manner. And I think that along with the delay when compared to DePaul is what really angered the community.


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