Hello all. Olivia and I were partners for the Twitter Scavenger Hunt. Below is a summary of our experience.

Twitter Scavenger Hunt Reflection:
As Communications majors, Fahy is one of the only buildings we’ll probably step foot in on a given day. But what we loved about this assignment is that it forced us into a larger world, even if it meant getting lost in McNulty Hall looking for the elevator back down.

Olivia and I think that with social media growing to the size it is today it is easy to lose sight of everything that is happening off of the internet. As future journalists or PR practitioners we need to use social media in order to do our jobs in a more efficient way. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to walk around for hours looking for the right quote, people, or pictures. One of the challenges we faced was finding the right moment for our tweets. Of course we could have asked anyone within a three foot radius to answer questions, but we knew that we had to push ourselves to get out of our comfort zones and find the right people.

Overall, the assignment was engaging in every way possible. We loved talking to people and hearing what they thought about social media or about what is happening around our campus. It was awesome stumbling upon President Esteban and being able to have a conversation with him as students. Even though I got lost, exploring McNulty Hall was breathtaking. And being avid lovers of South Orange, Olivia and I couldn’t be more than happy going to the Village Trattoria for some delicious slices. And we hope we’ll still graduate in time after rubbing the boot in time after stepping on the seal. We learned a lot and we really loved that we were able to showcase the world beyond Fahy.

Our tweets:
Below is an embedded display of our tweets showcasing our scavenger hunt through the campus of Seton Hall and of South Orange.

Our reply to another group:
Below is one of the replies I made to Marianne’s tweet about Seton Hall’s Immaculate Conception Chapel.

Our favorite tweets from another group:
Below are five of the tweets that we either found aesthetically pleasing or interesting.

Extra Credit Video:
For our extra credit video we did a time-lapse of what you should do when you step on the seal.


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