Quiz #2 Post

Collaborative journalism is beginning to grow in the field as a means to combat the growing prevalence of social media. This form of journalism consists of journalists (not necessarily belonging to the same publication) coming together in order to complete a story. Although seemingly vague, in principle it involves journalists not writing the story exactly, but having the writer interact with these other journalists in order to gain a better perspective on the story being written.

A perfect example of collaborative journalism is the example of the Panama Papers that is discussed on Wikipedia. The main writer was sent the leaked documents of all these off-shore accounts but there was simply too much content to flip through in order to get a concise story. So in order to filter through all the documents journalists from around the world and different journalism organizations helped go through the documents in order to find the important newsworthy bits so that the writer could use in the finished and published piece.

Collaborative journalism isn’t like citizen journalism. Although it does enlist the aid of different people in order to get the story finished, the people aiding the writer are journalists rather than everyday people. The articles call for the importance of collaborative journalism now more than ever for various reason. Aside from this collaborative process ultimately bettering the story, many journalists use this method as a means to work around the financial restrains that many news organizations currently face. But many journalists that have written stories using collaborative journalism have prospered by winning awards for their new stories. It allows for a better insight to the story when there is more than one point of view being offered to arrange the facts and information.


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